Board Filter Prevents Issue Creation


An issue is created on the story map but disappears before the Epic link is set.


There are additional clauses included in the board filter that cannot be met using the Quick Create API.

This behaviour is caused by the way Jira prioritises steps during issue creation. What happens is that there are three steps we must go through to create an issue:

1) We create the issue in the project and ensure the summary field is filled.

2) We perform a POST to retrieve all issues included on the story map.

3) We create the Epic link between the newly created story and the Epic is is under.

This issue occurs between step 1 and 2 where we "lose" the story before we can associate the Epic due to the story not meeting the criteria of the board filter.


Unfortunately there isn't much in-product we can do about this as it's due to inbuilt Jira functionality that we cannot alter.

We currently have a story on our backlog to develop a way to ensure issues created on the story map meet the requirements of the board filter.

Our current suggested work-arounds are: To create a new board with a filter query that includes all issues within the project.

This will allow you to have a "planning" board with all issues available on the backlog and story map without compromising your "working" board. Do not just copy the existing board otherwise you may experience issues configuring it.

An alternative would be to add the component or label field as a required field for issues within the project, this will cause the complete issue creation dialogue to be popped.