500 Duplicate Errors


When you load the story map one of the following errors is displayed.


This error is caused by JIRA Software upon creation of a Sample Scrum Project. A field is added to multiple tabs on a screen, which JIRA does not permit.


  1. Follow the steps in this Atlassian Knowledge Base Article to obtain the name of the duplicated Field and its Screen.
    1. Note. This requires SQL access to your Jira database. You may need your admin to help you.
  2. Navigate to JIRA Administration > Issues > Screens
  3. Look for the Screen mentioned in the SQL query result e.g. "SSD: Scrum Default Issue Screen"
  4. Click Configure and look for the field e.g. "assignee"
  5. Remove one of the fields from the screen.

(info) In case there are multiple tabs, check for each tab whether the field is called twice.

More details can be found in this JIRA Knowledge Base article: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/createissuemeta-returns-duplicate-key-error-872016885.html