Represent Activities on the Story Map

If you are looking to capture the 'Activity' level of the Story Map, as explained in Jeff Patton's original blog on the practice, we recommend you use:

  • a quick filter that specifies the epics within an activity, or
  • a quick filter per Jira Component which represents an activity

Jeff originally shared this hierarchy:

The nomenclature of the hierarchy differs in Jira as it provides the elements with different names. For example:

  • Project = Jira Project
  • Activity = Jira Project Component
  • Task = Epic Issue Type
  • Sub-tasks or task details = Story Issue Type

We do have a story on the backlog to provide native support for Components as a third level in the hierarchy. Feel free to reach out to the Support Team and let us know this is important to you.

Step 1

Quick Filter using Epic Keys

This is the preferred approach for Jira Cloud. This functionality is not yet available on Jira Server (see feature suggestion JRASERVER-59181).

It is possible to group Epics into an Activity using only a Quick Filter by specifiying the Epic Name/s or Epics Key/s. You do not need to be a Project Administrator, nor create Components.

Create a Quick Filter for each Activity and specify issue keys using the parentEpic() JQL function for the epic:

Quick Filter using Jira Components

To set up the Component level on a story map to represent an Activity you can use Quick Filters. You'll need a Project Administrator to create the Components first.

You can then configure Quick Filters for each Component, as such:

Once configured, you can find your Quick Filters by clicking on the 'Quick filters' drop down button at the top of the story map, and selecting which Quick Filters you want to apply to your story map;

When you create an issue - Epic or Story - you'll need to make sure that the Component is set. You can set multiple Components if desired as it is a multi-select field.

Step 2

Apply Quick Filters to Epics

Finally, enable the 'Apply quick filters to epics' option under the Views ('...') dropdown:

This will hide all epics except those that match the Component or Epics for an Activity.

If this does not solve your issue, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and we will be happy to help!