Advanced Story Map Usage

Epic Color

The color of an epic is consistent with its color in the backlog, assisting the product manager while navigating between boards.

Story MapEpic SidebarBacklog

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can select any issue and use the following keyboard shortcuts:

.Dot dialogAccess all issue actions
eEditBring up edit issue dialog
lLinkBring up link issue dialog 

Show done epics

Jira Software uses the Epic Status field to denote whether an epic is Done or not. You can 'Mark as Done' via the Epic panel on the backlog:

Today when you select 'Show done epics' under the views dropdown on the story map you will see all of those issues which are in the Epic Status 'Done' or the Jira Status Category 'Done'. 

Status Category Filtering

From the View dropdown in the top right (...) you are able to select the three Jira Status Categories: To Do, In Progress, Done.

Hide Epics

Hide Epics using Quick Filters. Simply create a quick filter that hides the epics you no longer want to see and ensure that you have 'Apply quick filters' checked under the View dropdown (...).