Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1

21 November 2017

The Easy Agile team is proud to announce the release of Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1.

A nice release of Easy Agile Roadmaps which introduces

  • the ability to see epic progress and statistics on hover (15 votes)
  • the ability to see the status of an epic (6 votes)
  • the ability to filter the epic panel and hide scheduled and/or show done epics

Plus we addressed a few bugs. Sorry about these:

  • Theme swimlane disappears upon collapse
  • Theme reordering buttons shown to read-only users

Huge thanks to Emma, Chris, Martin, Morten, Julie, Cathy, Charly, Gary, Tibor, Pasquale, Nisha, Lee and Patrick for their feedback.

The Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1 Team


Jared Kells

David Elkan


Teagan Harbridge


Seamus Kieran

Product Management

Nicholas Muldoon

Thanks for all your support and encouragement as we work to continuously improve the roadmap! We can't succeed together without insight into your use-cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the Help & feedback button at the top of your roadmap.

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