Navigating to the Team Planning Board

A Team Board is simply a Scrum Agile or Kanban Board which is included in a Program. 

This view is designed to facilitate a conversation between two or more teams, working out how best to schedule work based on the desire to fulfil the Feature outcomes of the Increment. To add another team/s to your Team Planning View, click on the Teams button to show all of the team's within the Program, and select the name of the team. The team will now appear on your Team Planning View, ready to create dependencies with. 

To create a dependency, simply drag and drop an issue from one team, on-top of an issue from another team.

The Team Planning Board can be accessed in 1 of 2 ways:

Option 1: Navigating to the Team Planning Board from the Increment Overview

Option 2: Navigating to the Team Planning Board from the Project Side Bar

Each Team Board has a Program button in the Project Side Bar showing the Team Planning Board for that Team.