Easy Agile Programs 3.2.0 - Performance Improvements

Release Date: 18 February 2021

The team at Easy Agile is happy to announce the release of Easy Agile Programs 3.2.0!


Performance Improvements

Easy Agile Programs is now faster! We’ve cut down the average load time by ~50% so that you and your team can visualise your work faster.

To see the contrast, we’ve created a side by side video below.

Please note - the video is created using a 3G connection for maximum impact

Create Dependencies mode

The new Create Dependencies mode is a new way to link issues together. It’s easier for those who aren’t a fan of drag and drop, but more importantly teams can now create links between issues in the same team. We’ve had plenty of users ask for intra-team dependencies and we’re keen to see hear what you think!

Next-gen support for Jira Cloud

Next-gen boards are now supported in Easy Agile Programs for Cloud customers. Next-Gen boards can be added to a new or existing Program to give your team better visibility across all teams within your Agile Release Train.

Some functionality is limited depending on how the Program is configured. To learn more click here.

Changes to support of IE11

As a small team it’s becoming increasingly difficult to support browsers that are no longer supported by Atlassian; as such new features added to Programs version 3.2.0 and onwards will not be available in Internet Explorer.

We will continue to support the existing feature set in Internet Explorer 11 until Jira 8.6 enterprise support ends in October 2021 but we encourage you to switch to a modern browser for the best experience.

Bugfixes and Small Improvements

We made a number of small improvements and bugfixes this release including:

  • Creating a Milestone + refreshing the page causes the Milestone to disappear (Server only)

  • Jira menu is not appearing correctly on Program Roadmap for Jira 8.12.X users

  • Dependency lines appear over the top of the quick create box

  • Clicking on a Shared Team Feature on the Team Planning Board, should filter the work for all team's toggled on not just the primary team

Want to start using these new features?

☁️ Cloud customer?

These features are already available to you in Easy Agile Programs

🏢 Data Center customer?

You’ll need your Jira Admin to upgrade to the latest version here.

Server customer?

You’ll need your Jira Admin to:

  1. ensure you have an active maintenance and support contract. Click here to renew your maintenance and support contract.

  2. upgrade to the latest version here