Adding the Persona custom fields to Jira Issues

Once the Persona and Importance to Persona custom fields have been added to the Issue View, you can find these custom fields on issues in the associated Project.

These link your Persona with the issues that affect them or would provide value for them. You can search for them using the Persona archetype, eg. The Busy Mum.

The Persona custom field, allows a user to associate one of the Personas created in their Project with an issue in Jira. This signifies to the team which of our Personas will be serviced by delivering this piece of work.

The Persona Importance has 4 variables:

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

  • None

The Persona Importance custom field allows a users to flag to their team, how important a particular piece of work is to the chosen Persona.

Adding Persona Custom Fields to Jira Issues

Navigate to the issue you would like to associate with a Persona on your Backlog in Jira.

Click on the Persona field, to reveal a list of available Personas for your Project. Select the Persona you would like to associate with this issue.

Click on the Persona Importance field, and select one of the following options to signify the importance/value this work delivers for your chosen Persona; High, Medium, Low or None.

All issues associated to your Personas can be viewed on the Persona’s profile:

You can also use JQL functions to pull lists of issues associated to your Personas. Read more about Persona JQL functions here.