Done Issues Missing on the Story Map


When the "Show Done Issues" Status Category Filter is selected, you are unable to see all issues with the "Done" status on the story map.


When selecting 'Show Done Issues' we only show the done issues that are not in a Released Version or a Completed Sprint. Another way of phrasing that is that we *only* show done issues in current or future sprints or versions.

The JQL we use is:
"filter = filterId and (statusCategory != done OR (statusCategory = done and ((Sprint in (openSprints(), futureSprints) AND issuetype not in subtaskIssueTypes() OR (fixVersion in unreleasedVersions()))) ORDER BY Rank ASC"


At present there is no solid solution. We have a story on our backlog to explore how we can include Retrospectives in Easy Agile User Story Maps' functionality, if you have any thoughts or opinions on this please let us know via an "Improvement" request in the Customer Support Portal.

The current work-around is to create a new version and add all relevant done issues to it. This will give you complete visibility for done issues within their Epics, but without swimlanes.