Easy Agile User Story Maps 6.1.0 - Easy Agile Personas Integration

Release Date: 6th August 2020

The team at Easy Agile is happy to announce the release of Easy Agile User Story Maps 6.1.0!





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Easy Agile User Story Maps + Personas are better together

Before we can write a user story, we must have a shared understanding of who our users are. It seems obvious right, but how many times can you honestly say you’ve written or worked on a user story without really knowing who that user is? Could you tell me their interests, motivations, communication styles? Could your team mates?

Despite that, we know companies want to be more focused on their customers. According to HubSpot, 96% of growing companies say that customer satisfaction is a key driver of their success.

Easier said than done right? That’s why we launched Easy Agile Personas earlier this year. We know customer focus isn’t easy:

  • It’s easier to work on the things we like to work on

  • It’s easier to do what’s up next on the to-do list

  • It’s easier to work on the problems we identify as important

In Easy Agile User Story Maps 6.1.0, we’re unleashing the power of Personas onto the User Story Map! Find out how below.

Add Persona + Persona Importance to Issues without leaving the Story Map

Easy Agile Personas allows you link stories on your backlog to Persona profiles in the Jira issue view, using the following custom fields:

  • Persona

  • Persona Importance

In Easy Agile User Story Maps 6.1.0, we’re exposing these fields in the issue view modal so you can assign issues to Personas + story Importance without leaving the Story Map.

The Persona and Persona Importance custom fields must be on the screen used by your Project before they will appear in the issue view in Easy Agile User Story Maps. Read our doc here that explains how to do this.

Native Personas + Persona Importance Filters

The ability to filter the Story Map by Persona enables us to focus the Story Map in for a particular user, and the parts of our product or system that directly impact them.

Prior to this release, the only way to filter the Story Map by Persona was to manually create a quick filter outside of the Story Map, for each of our Personas.

In Easy Agile User Story Maps 6.1.0, we’ve introduced native Persona + Persona Importance filters.

Each Story Map will have access to the Personas from the Projects referenced by their board filter.

These filters enable teams to quickly:

  • identify the key Personas being served in each Sprint/Release - this serves as a great communication tool for our Marketing teams so that they can target their release comms to the correct Personas

  • ensure that high importance, low effort stories are being prioritised

We want your feedback! 📢


Thank you for all your continued support and encouragement as we work to improve Easy Agile User Story Maps! We can’t succeed without your insight and recommendations for improvement and we would love to hear your feedback! Reach out via the button at the top the page in Easy Agile User Story Maps or directly via support@easyagile.com.

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