Easy Agile User Story Maps 4.1

21 November 2017

The Easy Agile team is proud to announce the release of Easy Agile User Story Maps 4.1.

You can now quickly and easily create multiple issues on the story map. Woohoo!

Prior to this release Easy Agile User Story Maps would open the standard Jira create issue dialog. And to minimise friction when creating issues we would only show the the Summary field, hiding required fields which was annoying - sorry.

Now you can create issues inline on the story map for single project agile boards that contain issue types without required fields. You are no longer blocked waiting for Jira to do its thing! Simply create, create, create, until you're done.

We think it's really neat. Take a look:

And we now respect and remember your choice of fields when you are using the regular Jira create issue dialog (for multi-project agile boards and issue types with required fields).

The Easy Agile User Story Maps 4.1 Team


Jared Kells

David Elkan


Teagan Harbridge

Customer Support

Seamus Kieran

Product Management

Nicholas Muldoon

Thanks for all your support and encouragement as we work to continuously improve the story map! We can't succeed together without insight into your use-cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the (question) button at the top of your story map.

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