Technical FAQs - Easy Agile Roadmaps


Q: What permissions are required to edit the Roadmap?

There are two permissions that are required to create and update the Roadmap:

Users with 'View Issue' permissions will be able to access the Roadmap in a "Read Only" mode where they will be unable to move or schedule issues or add/create markers or themes. 

Syncing the Start/Due Date Fields with Roadmap Schedule

Q: How do I sync my date fields with the Roadmap schedules?

In order to leverage syncing Jira date fields with the Roadmap schedules, Easy Agile Roadmaps requires:

  • Your Jira Administrator to map your desired Start and Due Date fields in the Easy Agile Roadmaps configuration page 

  • The Start and Due Date fields to be present on the 'Edit Issue Screen' for the Projects referenced by your Roadmap 

Here is a link to our documentation which will walk you through the above two steps. 


Q: Can I have a Roadmap across multiple Project? How do I see issues from multiple Projects on my Roadmap?

Once installed, each Scrum and Kanban board in Jira will have an associated Roadmap accessible via the Roadmap icon in the Project sidebar - this is also true for multi-project boards.

In order to view issues that span across multiple Projects on a single Roadmap, simply create an agile board that includes the projects from which you want to pull the issues in the boards filter query (i.e project in ("Project A", "Project B", "Project C”). You will then be able to access the Roadmap icon from the Project sidebar and all the issues from those projects will be available to schedule onto your Roadmap.

Q: Can I define the fields shown in the Issue Preview Editor when I click on an issue-key in Easy Agile Programs?

The issue view currently shows the following fields:

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Components

  • Assignee

  • Versions

  • Status

  • Sprint

The following field types are also supported, provided they are on the ‘Edit Issue’ screen being used by your Project:

  • Single & multi-line text fields

  • Single & multi-select list fields

  • Numeric fields

In order to view these new field types in the Easy Agile Issue View, your Jira Administrator will need to add any relevant fields to the screen being used by your Project.

Here is a link to an Atlassian doc which walks you through how to add a field to a screen.

We’d love to hear what other field types you would like supported in the issue view here.

Q: Why can’t I see an Epic Progress bar on my Epics on Easy Agile Roadmaps for Cloud?

We'd love to be able to show Epic Progress on the Roadmap for our Cloud customers although we unfortunately have a limitation where the Jira Cloud API does not provide this information. 

We have an outstanding issue raised with Atlassian to expose this API so that we can bring you this functionality. If you had a minute to spare, we would appreciate your vote on this issue to help us bump this up Atlassian's backlog.

Q: Why is Cyrillic language is broken in PDF exports?

Our apologies for this issue. The PDF export feature does not currently support all languages. It's an unfortunate limitation of the technology we're using to generate the PDF. 

We have a story on our backlog to re-write the PDF functionality entirely to support Cyrillic characters and overcome this limitation. 

If this is important functionality for you and your team, we’d love to hear from you here

Q: Why isn’t the Selected Agile Board id referenced from project-sidebar app URL when shared [Cloud]?

The behaviour you described is a known Jira Cloud bug unfortunately.

The bug occurs when you have multiple Agile Boards under a project. We store the data for Easy Agile Roadmaps against the Agile Board so you can have a Roadmap for each Agile Board. The bug in Jira Cloud is that the URL to load the Roadmap does not change when you change Agile Boards. Instead, Jira will load the Roadmap for the Board you were looking at most recently. 

We have reported this bug to Atlassian and you can vote on/follow the bug on Atlassian's backlog here.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you, and we'll continue to raise this with Atlassian until this bug is fixed.