Easy Agile Roadmaps 4.0 - Syncing Date Fields

Release Date: 20th August, 2019

The team at Easy Agile is delighted to announce the release of Easy Agile Roadmaps 4.0!


  • Jira Date Field Synchronisation

  • Pre-populated Roadmaps 
  • Easy Roll-up Roadmaps

If you're one of our 70% of customers using Jira Cloud, you can start taking advantage of Version 4.0 now!

Easy Agile Roadmaps 4.0 is available to download for Jira Server and Data Center now! Don't forget to renew your software maintenance and support contract: Renew now.

Jira Date Field Synchronisation

This has been the most-requested feature for Easy Agile Roadmaps since it was first released in 2016. Schedules in Easy Agile Roadmaps will now synchronise with the Start Date and Due Date fields in Jira when those fields are available. 

This synchronisation works both ways:

  • Date fields users set on issues will determine where issues are set on the roadmap. 
  • Schedule changes made on the roadmap will update the date fields on your issues.

The Roadmap is now a more accurate view of the work you're planning to do and scheduling sessions in Easy Agile Roadmaps have a wider impact. 

Close integration with Jira has always been one of Easy Agile's strengths and we're confident that this change will make Easy Agile Roadmaps more useful for more teams. 

Pre-populated Roadmaps

If you already have Start Dates and Due Dates on your issues, they'll now appear automatically on the Roadmap. 

We hope this will be an easy onboarding experience for new users as well as allow existing customers to have a more comprehensive and accurate view of the plans they've made. 

Easy Roll-up Roadmaps 

Now that the date fields are synchronised to the issue, not just to the board, the issue will appear in the same position across multiple boards. Not only does this make it easy to co-ordinate work across teams, it allows roll-up or aggregate roadmaps to be created quickly and easily. 

Using a multi-project board, plans for several projects can be viewed together on one roadmap. This allows a Product Manager to see how multiple teams' work or multiple projects fit together and where your organisation is headed.

For example: 

Say you have projects ABC and DEF for different teams' work and use Easy Agile Roadmaps to schedule issues for these projects. A multi-project board that includes project keys ABC and DEF will create a roll-up Roadmap automatically from the date fields on its issues. The Roadmap in the multi-project board will have all the issues scheduled on the two projects and provide insight into how the teams' work fits together. 

Making use of this new update 

Projects where the Start Date and Due Date fields are already available will start synchronising with your Jira date fields immediately. If that's not you, a Jira admin will need to adjust the configuration; we've made a guide to make this easy.

Special Thanks! 

We wanted to say a big thank you to Scott, Ashifi, Sam, Rob, Stewart, Christoph, Carl, Johan, Patrick, Andreea, Tamara, Elisabeth, Danie, Daniel, Jeroen, Aaron, Keith, Jon, Michael, Brian, René, Yossi, Angello, Mihai, Fred, Marc, Jeff, Vincent, Stephan, Bianca, Stefan, Tricia, Marc-Antoine and Thomas for their feedback and patience while we worked on this new release! 

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement as we work to continuously improve the Easy Agile Roadmaps! We can't succeed without your insight into your use cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the (question) Help link within the '...' dropdown at the top right of the story map.