Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1.1

12 December 2017

The Easy Agile team is proud to announce the release of Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1.1.

It is now possible to export the roadmap in PDF format. Yay!

We've heard from you, our product management customers, that flexibility in how you share roadmap updates with stakeholders is key. With the PDF export it is possible to share the roadmap via email, or embed it in a Confluence page. For best results embedding in Conflunce use the 'PDF Macro' as it shows a high resolution preview.

Plus we made a few small improvements:

  • Changing a Theme title and clicking out of the text box will save
  • A link to the agile board settings is now available in the View dropdown

Huge thanks to John, Víctor, Gavin, Mathieu, Heather, Herbert, Donna, Harry, Diana, Nasreen, Thomas, Ayal, Odd, Michael, Luke, Joe, Sarah-Marie, Hayden, Rinke, Cathy, Kent, and Joan for their guidance regarding the PDF export. This was a top voted feature, thank you for your patience!

The Easy Agile Roadmaps 3.1 Team


Jared Kells

David Elkan


Teagan Harbridge


Seamus Kieran

Product Management

Nicholas Muldoon

Thanks for all your support and encouragement as we work to continuously improve the roadmap! We can't succeed together without insight into your use-cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the Help & feedback button at the top of your roadmap.

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