Migrating Easy Agile Programs to Jira Cloud

We understand many of our customers are undergoing a shift from on-premise to Cloud instances of Jira and as of version 3.5.0, Easy Agile Programs enables you to take your Programs with you when you migrate using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) is a free Jira Server/DC app offered by Atlassian via the Marketplace. For more information about Atlassian support moving to Jira Cloud, see Atlassian's Cloud migration center.

What do you need?

In addition to your existing Easy Agile Programs app in Jira Server, you will also need the following apps:

How does it work?

After a Migration is run using the JCMA, data for compatible apps is migrated behind the scenes. Data specified by Easy Agile Programs for Server is exported to Atlassian’s secure cloud migration storage; Easy Agile Programs for Cloud in your destination Jira Cloud instance then accesses and processes this data. This process is managed and secured by the JCMA.

When one or more Projects that appear in a Program are migrated to Jira Cloud using JCMA, that Program will be added to the destination Jira Cloud instance shortly after the main migration step has occurred.

Projects included in a migration

Outcome in Easy Agile Programs for Jira Cloud

All Projects in a Jira instance

All Programs will appear in Jira Cloud as they did in Jira Server

All Projects in a Program (minimum recommended)

That Program will appear in Jira Cloud as it was in Jira Server; other Programs will not be migrated

Some of the Projects in a Program

That Program will be migrated, but only contain the migrated Project Boards; some teams/Boards will be missing*

No Projects that appear in any Programs

No Programs will be migrated

While the processing time is relative to the quantity of data selected for migration, the Easy Agile Programs migration process is generally shorter than the main Jira data migration step.

Subsequent migrations

Easy Agile Programs will never overwrite data that has already been migrated to Jira Cloud. If a Program has already been migrated, subsequent migrations will not cause it to be added again, replaced or changed.

If you want to re-migrate a Program, the copy in Jira Cloud will need to be deleted. This may be a good way forward if users have continued to edit the Program in Jira Server prior to users officially switching services. While the JCMA will not check for conflicting Programs, it will alert you to conflicts when attempting to re-migrate Projects (as described in this JCMA guide).

* If more Projects in an already-migrated Program are migrated to Jira Cloud in a subsequent migration, the Program can be re-assembled on Jira Cloud by adding the relevant Boards using the “Edit Program” menu.

We’re here for you!

If you have any questions or concerns about migrating to Jira Cloud, feel free to reach out to support@easyagile.com or via our Support Desk.

All Easy Agile apps are available on both Cloud and On-premise Jira instances. Wherever you’re migrating, we’re here to make it easy.