Increment Overview

The Increment Overview shows each team, their scheduled work and the dependencies between teams for a specific Program Increment. 

The Increment Overview consists of the Shared Team Features swimlane, a swimlane for each Team Board in the Program, and is broken up into columns for each Sprint in the Increment. 

This view is an overview of the Program and is not designed for the scheduling of work or creation of dependencies. Team's schedule their work and create dependencies in the Team Planning Board. 

Filtering your Increment Overview

To filter your Increment Overview click ‘Filters’ in the navigation.

You can filter by:

  • Dependencies - Blocker (red), At Risk (orange), Healthy (green)

  • Status - To Do, In Progress, Done

  • Teams

To clear the filters use the cross on the filter field or the ‘Clear Filters’ link at the top of the draw.

If you have feedback on this feature please reach out to us via