Next-Gen Compatibility

Easy Agile Programs support for next-gen boards

Next-gen boards can be added to a new or existing program. Functionality may be limited by your program configuration.

Program Configuration Options - for more details please visit this page

Select your Program Configuration from the below list to learn more about how it will work with next-gen boards:

Configuration A - I want to schedule epics from the selected Team agile boards onto my Program Roadmap

Configuration B - I want to schedule epics from a dedicated agile board onto my Program Roadmap

Configuration C - I want to schedule other issue types from a dedicated agile board onto my Program Roadmap

All Configurations

(tick) Programs custom fields

Programs custom fields can be shown on your next-gen issues for reporting and tracking purposes. To add these custom fields to your next-gen issues please follow these instructions.

(warning) Limitations with global/shared sprints

(error) A next-gen board can’t be used for global/shared sprints.

When creating a new increment, you won’t be able to select a next-gen board for shared sprints. This is because completing a sprint that contains both classic and next-gen issues on a next-gen board will not roll classic issues into the next sprint.

(error) Please be aware that shared sprints (from a classic board) will not appear on the next-gen board. Any issues allocated to a shared classic sprint will appear in the next-gen backlog.

(error) Next-gen kanban boards are not compatible with shared sprints. Currently, we’re unable to support next-gen kanban boards when using global sprints as this is not supported by Jira.

(warning) Changing your next-gen board settings

If you change your next-gen board from scrum to kanban, all issues scheduled into your sprints will be lost.