Easy Agile Programs 1.2.2 (BETA)

Release Date: 20th November 2018

The team at Easy Agile is pleased to announce the release of Easy Agile Programs 1.2.2 (Beta)



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Programs now support Kanban agile boards

We're pleased to announce that it is now possible to include kanban agile boards in a program. If there is a kanban team in your program add their agile board via the Program overview page:

Issues scheduled on a kanban agile board will progress alongside the program increment 'cadence' based upon the date.

Issues are not associated with a Jira Software sprint, however they are shown aligned under PI 'cadences' / sprints. We are eager to get your feedback on this language and approach -use the (question) button on the top right of any page in Easy Agile Programs.

The Easy Agile Programs Team 

Special Thanks! 

We wanted to say a big thank you to our Beta users. Your feedback so far has been invaluable and we appreciate your support and patience as we work to push out regular updates and changes. 

We can't succeed without your feedback, insight and recommendations for improvement so please keep sending your feedback directly via the (question) button on the top right of any page in Easy Agile Programs. Thanks so much!