Easy Agile Programs Browser Support

Easy Agile products support the same set of browsers as Jira. We test our apps on Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft released Edge in 2015 to replace Internet Explorer. Since then Internet Explorer has not received major updates or support for modern standards. Microsoft discourage the use of Internet Explorer as the default browser.

In September 2019 Atlassian announced that they would be retiring support for Internet Explorer. Atlassian stopped supporting Internet Explorer on Cloud from March 2020 and on Jira Server / Data Centre from version 8.6 onward.

As a small team it’s becoming increasingly difficult to support browsers that are no longer supported by Atlassian, as such new features added to Programs version 3.2.0 and onwards will not be available in Internet Explorer.

We will continue to support the existing feature set in Internet Explorer 11 until Jira 8.6 enterprise support ends in October 2021 but we encourage you to switch to a modern browser for the best experience.