Permissions - Easy Agile Programs

Manage Programs Permission

We understand that managing large Jira instances is a complicated responsibility. We've tried to make permissions as straight forward as possible by leveraging the existing issue, Project and Agile Board permissions. For Easy Agile Programs we have also added a global permission called Manage Programs which determines who can:

  • View the list of Programs
  • Create new Programs
  • Edit Program information such as Program Name, boards within a Program, dependency link type
  • and Delete Programs 

In order to create, edit or delete Programs or Increments, you will need to have either Administration or Manage Programs permissions. Only Jira Administrators are able to grant users the Manage Programs permission. 

Instructions for Jira Administrators to enable Manage Programs permissions for users:

We recommend creating a Group which will contain all of the user with the Manage Programs permission. This is because Global permissions can only be applied to Groups, not individual users. We will call this group "Program Managers".

  1. Navigate to the Jira Administration Settings (the cog in the top right of any Jira Page)

  2. Select System

  3. On the left hand side of the page, under the Security section, select Global Permissions

  4. Navigate to Add Permission and select Manage Programs from the dropdown list

  5. Choose the Group you wish to grant the Manage Programs permission to.
  6. In the second "Group" dropdown, select the "Program Managers" group.
  7. You can now modify who has the Manage Programs permission by adding them to or removing them from the Program Managers group.