Creating your first Persona

You must be a Project Administrator to create, edit or delete Personas.

To create a Persona, navigate to the Personas directory for your chosen Project and click on the Create Persona button.

When creating your Persona, there are 3 primary fields to populate:

  • Persona archetype, eg. The Busy Dad

  • Persona name, eg. James Dean

  • Persona job title, eg. Full-time Parent

There's also a free-form Description. This allows you to add details about your Persona that are most relevant to your team. We've put some questions in there to help you get started.

To change your Persona’s icon, click on the default Persona image to open the icon library. Click on the image that best represents your Persona and click Save.

Need some inspiration? These are some articles we like about creating customer-focused Personas to help your team engage with customers' needs and aspirations:

Easy Agile’s blog: Personas

Make Your Personas Great Again in 7 Simple Steps

Towards a more Effective Persona

Do you and your team use the same personas across multiple projects, or across the whole company? Let us know!

Anyone with access to a Project can view all Personas for that Project.