Technical FAQs - Easy Agile Personas


Q: What permissions are required to create, edit and delete Personas?

Once installed, each Jira Project will have access to its own Personas repository via the Persona icon in the Project sidbar.

Users must have the Project Administrator permission in order to create, edit or delete Personas.

All other users are able to view the Persona bios in a read-only mode.


Q: How do I set up the Persona & Importance to Persona custom fields so they’re displayed on my issues?

The Persona and Importance to Persona custom fields must be present on the ‘Edit Issue’ screen for the Projects using Personas.

Please find a link to our docs here which shows you how to add these fields to the appropriate screens.

Q: Can I define the fields shown in the Issue Preview Editor when I click on an issue-key in Easy Agile Personas?

The issue view currently shows the following fields:

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Components

  • Assignee

  • Versions

  • Status

  • Sprint

The following field types are also supported, provided they are on the ‘Edit Issue’ screen being used by your Project:

  • Single & multi-line text fields

  • Single & multi-select list fields

  • Numeric fields

In order to view these new field types in the Easy Agile Issue View, your Jira Administrator will need to add any relevant fields to the screen being used by your Project.

Here is a link to an Atlassian doc which walks you through how to add a field to a screen.

We’d love to hear what other field types you would like supported in the issue view here.