Advanced Personas usage

Searching using the custom fields

Both of Personas' custom fields are available to Jira Advanced Search.

Using Jira’s issue search in “Advanced” mode allows you to add search parameters. To search for issues linked to a Persona, add a Persona=”…” query and specify the Persona by its archetype, eg. Persona=”The Busy Mum”.

  • Jira will prompt with matching search terms so you won’t have to remember or type it exactly.

Using Quick Filters to filter by Persona

Using the same search parameter as in Jira Advanced Search (see above), a Quick Filter can be made for a Persona.

Quick Filters are in the Board Settings (not Project Settings). Using JQL Persona=”…”, a Quick Filter can be made for a persona, eg. Persona = "The Busy Mum".

These Quick Filters can then be accessed and used on the Backlog, Active sprint or Kanban board.